I love to move the needle. Whether it’s using research and insights to arrive at the big “a-ha;” sharing stories that fuel passions; or turning a brand’s worst enemy into its very best friend, I believe in creating powerful ideas that incite feelings, thoughts and actions. I’ve spent 15 years in a variety of industries connecting people with brands for the benefit of both. My specialties include tapping the power of media and influence to change perceptions, building and protecting a company’s reputation, and measuring how people react and optimizing for what comes next.

So if you’re looking for someone who is an original - not a carbon copy; can think up big ideas (and not-so-big ones); reach different audiences (regardless of where they’re engaging with you); and collaborate with a smorgasbord of people on your team (from digital storytellers to paid media to designers—even the C-suite), then we might make a good team.