HOW TO Succeed in a pr agency

Contributing author to an amazing text on how to not only survive PR agency life, but thrive. Authored by Kristin Johnson and Shalon Roth, How to Succeed in a PR Agency is a must-read text for PR newbies and industry veterans alike. I’m thrilled to be able to lend a voice to chapter 12: Aspiring Toward Authenticity.

Chapter 12: Aspiring Toward Authenticity: Who are you? What do you stand for? How do you want to be perceived Yes, the soul-searching starts now. Whether it’s your first day in PR or your tenth year, you’re going to end up in a position where a power dynamic with a client, colleague, or superior will make you feel that they have more authority or knowledge than you. Most people’s automatic response is to stiffen up, be overly formal, polite and agreeable, shamelessly suck-up, and never ask questions. But that doesn’t actually work. It’s critical to your success on day one to be authentic and this chapter outlines ways to do just that.

Holmes Report

A two-page feature highlighting Audi Brand Love, a self-funded, totally unexpected marketing campaign I developed for Audi. If you've read the case study (shame on you if you haven't; you can correct that travesty by going here Audi Brand Love), than you know I have an almost unhealthy obsession with all-things Audi. Any car, really! 

Audi Brand Love was my attempt at accomplishing three things:

  1. Going from bored to not bored

  2. Countering the rejection I was experiencing by reminding myself that I have the skills, expertise and passion to kill the marketing game.

  3. Landing my dream job by showing rather than telling

This interview is all about how I hacked attention. The goal? Not sitting around waiting for someone to create an opportunity for me but using my 15 years of marketing communications experience and pulling up a chair to the table without permission. 

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Main stage panel and breakout session speaker on topics related to personal branding, multicultural marketing, the role of social/digital in the IMC-evolving landscape, among other focus areas. Personable and authentic, I pride myself on sharing my experiences and mistakes with the goal of helping attendees avoid my pitfalls and evolve their career farther and faster. 

Speaker 2014, 2015, 2016

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Social Media Week Chicago

When I'm not sharing my personal journey, I like to talk to other smart people about theirs. And that's exactly what I did two years in a row at Social Media Week Chicago. As a moderator, I work hard to get past the fluff in order to understand what drives and motivates innovators, originals and visionaries to do what they do. 

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Google me

Yep, I'm a narcisurfer. I Google myself often as part of maintaining my personal brand. You can Google me too and you'll find quotes from my discussions or post-event interviews in these lovely and fine publications. You'll probably get some Walmart stuff too. Just ignore the mugshots - those aren't me! I promise.