Now We're Newtons

Our clients asked us if we could help them launch a Feeding America fruit donation program. Not only to do some good, but also to let people know that Newtons are more than just figs these days. We said no. Well, actually we said, "Yes, sort of, but what if also...?" and quickly got to the part about creating a mini sitcom to reinvent their brand.

See, after 120 years, Fig Newtons changed their name to highlight the new non-fig fruit flavors that had infiltrated their portfolio. But nobody noticed. From the outside, it didn't seem like all that big a deal. But from the inside, well, we knew that was another story. A hilarious, fruit-centric s#?%-storm of a story and a very big deal indeed. This is that story. This is Now We're Newtons.

The brains behind Now We're Newtons was Alana Beseau, creative director at Weber Shandwick. But it was my job to generate headlines for this award-winning work as well as ideate creative extensions to drive buzz and awareness. Like this great hit in the marketing bible that is Fast Co Create. Want more hits? Well check out this one and this one

Brand Film Festival + PR Week Digital Awards - Newtons “Now We're Newtons” (2016)